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Certified Air Tightness Tester Scheme

Irish Energy Assessor customers will already know this, but we have always strived to offer a top quality service. The type of products and services that we offer are the corner stone of the air tightness industry. We have always expressed the importance of quality when it comes to the airtight seals and membranes used to create the an airtight envelope of buildings, that’s why we only use the SIGA air tight application which is accepted in the industry as the best performing air tightness application.

When it came to the measurement of the of air permeability of buildings, using the fan pressurisation method (the blower door air tightness test), we have prescribed methods in the construction industry to work to, but we did not have a quality standard to meet.


As soon as the prospect came about to obtain the Irish Standard Mark of quality standards via the NSAI we were eager to get licensed and to meet the standard to show conformity to I.S. EN 13829:2000.

We're very proud to announce today that we have acquired the licence to use the Irish Standard Mark. (Click Here To Verify).

Air tightness testing is required for all residences. Further advancements to backstop effectiveness levels came into effect with the publication of the Building Regulations (Part L Amendment). Our company is proud to announce we are only one of two companies in Ireland that satisfy the standards set out in I.S. EN 13829:2000.

We were very impressed with the professionalism shown by the NSAI inspectors. They were all rigorous with our operation and method statements and procedures we use when carrying out air tightness test.

All our equipment has been inspected and other equipment have now been made a requirement; overall the experience has been a beneficial one. We look forward to demonstrate compliance through our services by providing higher levels of energy conservation using this new standard.

All our customers can now have independent reassurance of the reliability of the residential and commercial air tightness testing services we provide.