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The Classic Kettle Soon to Be A Thing Of The Past

It goes without saying that the electric kettle is undoubtedly one of biggest culprits when it comes to wasting energy inside your home, I never gave it to much time in thinking how to improve it but fortunately several other people have!


I seen alternatives on the market such as kettles that would only boil a cup full of water at a time which never really impressed me. Then Quooker came to the market, which is a very innovative way to save water and energy. Whilst the quooker is an efficient solution to provide both hot and boiling water, I believed that the initial cost of the product and setup cost was to high for most people.

During the weekend I came across a story about a product which is expected to retail for about €100. Clearly like the Quooker, it heats just the amount of water necessary.

mittoThe product saves energy and time, as it is always just heats the required amount of water that you need. The conventional kettle is somewhat substandard as you must have the minimum amount of water each time you use it' so not to burn out the kettles element. Most of us will also admit that we often overfill the kettle unnecessarily.

How it works

You place your mug of cold water on an induction plate and put a magnetic rod in the mug. The plate creates an electromagnetic field that causes the water around the rod to heat up. Need more then a mug of water? just fill a jug or a tea pot and do the same thing. The MIITO works with any container.

The MITTO project has been shortlisted as top 20 from more than 600 other projects! That means MIITO goes to the finals! James Dyson himself will select the winner.