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Dublin Council Considering To Make All New Houses Meet Passive House Standards
On the 5th of May last Dublin Council had a meeting to speak about the drafting of the new Dublin City Development Plan for 2016-2022. A the meeting the council passed a motion so that all new buildings within the city of Dublin have to be built to the passive house standard.


An extract of the draft states:

"Unless exceptional circumstances apply, the council will require new buildings to reach the passive house standard or equivalent, with the exception of buildings that are exempted from BER ratings as defined by SEAl. By equivalent we mean approaches supported by robust evidence (such as monitoring studies) to demonstrate their efficiency, with particular regard to indoor air quality, energy performance, and the prevention of surface/interstitial condensation."

The policy will become part of a draft of the development plan due to be presented to the council in July for review, and then a public consultation will take place in September.

Source: Passive House Plus Magazine