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Welcome to Irish Energy News, a new section on Irish Energy Assessors. In this section we discuss current news and events in the energy sector in Ireland.

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Energy Efficient Installation of windows using Tremco illbruckIntelligent Seals for Airtight Internal & Weathertight External Joints As building regulations change, new alternatives and techniques are necessary. The issue of uncontrolled air leakage from buildings has exploded in popularity with the changes to Part L in 2006 and 2010 demanding energy reduction targets to be dealt with and the introduction of mandatory air leakage testing. Highly rated windows are now almost always a requirement and to maximise this outlay, Tremco illbruck provide a product range to make certain the benefits as a result of such outlay are associated with a high quality application.

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ESB is looking for 24 “ecar ambassadors” to trial an electric vehicle

ESB is seeking 24 “ecar ambassadors” to trial an electric powered car for a four month time period over the coming year. You may remember the launch of the same campaign in 2012. This will be the 2nd year which will be running the “Great Electric Drive” trial. They are seeking candidates across a multitude of ages, lifestyles, occupations and commuting patterns, and even would like to see organisations geting involved in this year’s trial.

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2014 Energy Grants Ireland

We were delighted to hear the governments decision to retain funding for grant to home owners in relation to energy upgrades to their houses. The government went further by introducing tax incentives for home energy retrofitting.

The sum of fifty million has been set aside by government which means the Better Energy Homes will continue to take grant applications.

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save energy by making it a habit

The ways with regard to cutting back on energy use are no secret, but we quite often mislead ourselves into believing
the small things will not make a difference. But thats not true.

The truth is, there is plenty you're able to do today that should provide considerable savings in your homes annual energy expenses, with not much undertaking or effort necessary.

Here is a few easy ones to get started