We at Irish Energy Assessors are now offering a ventilation validation service under the NSAI ventilation validation scheme.

NSAI has established a registration scheme that certifies an individual as a competent independent third party to validate that a ventilation system has been installed, balanced and commissioned to meet the minimum requirements of Technical Guidance Document (TGD) F - Ventilation (2019) to the Irish Building Regulations.

Checks and measurement methods broadly follow the guidance given in I.S. EN 14134: 2019: Ventilation for buildings – Performance testing and installation checks of residential ventilation systems. Ventilations systems must be designed and commissioned to provide adequate and effective means of ventilation to satisfy the minimum requirements of F1 of TGD to Part F of the Irish Building Regulations.

Further information is available in the NSAI “Ventilation Validation Registration Scheme Master Document”.

NSAI Certificate