ME500 Duo Flexible Window Membrane


Intelligent 8eal for Airtight Internal & Weathertlght External Joints

illbruck ME500 Duo Flexible Window Membrane comprises a tear-proof woven fleece fabric with a polyethylene copolymer film. Membrane 'E' has fixing options on the same side of the membrane and is designed for application after the window is installed. Membrane 'W' has fixing options on opposite sides of the membrane and is designed for application before the window is installed. An integrated movement pleat is included in the membrane which complies with the planning and installation recommendations of DIN 4108-7 and with the RAL Quality Assurance Association for windows and doors. Also meets DIN EN 1026 (air tightness). DIN EN 1027 (weather tightness) and DIN 18542.

Typical Uses
The product has a specially designed reactive membrane whereby the water vapour permeability (sd value) changes depending on the humidity inside the joint. This allows the product to perform as an intelligent seal for airtight internal joints, and weathertight. breathable external joints. The intelligent reactive system ensures that the joint always dries at the maximum rate. Suitable for many typical interface details.

Product Benefits

  • The variable sd value ensures that the joint dries out quickly, thus protecting against mould and moisture damage
  • Single product acts as internal airtight seal and external weathertight but breathable seal
  • Large expansion pleat tor variable joint sizes and absorption of movement
  • Emission-free, suitable for indoor use (emission test in accordance with the AgBB/DIBt method)
  • Easy fixing to frame and structure - see fixing options in table


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