TP652 Compriband Trio Plus


Impregnated, Pre-Compressed Multi-Functional 3-Level Sealing Tape

illbruck TP652 Compriband Trio Plus is an impregnated, pre-compressed multifunctional sealing tape which has been developed to meet the increased demands of Passive Houses, new construction and refurbishment projects.

Typical Uses
It is used to seal window and door connecting joints against wind and driving rain while providing thermal insulation for the entire installation depth and an airtight internal barrier. The product can also be used for sealing panel joints in for example off-site construction, illbruck TP652 Compriband Trio Plus ensures breathable sealing in accordance with the 'inside tighter than outside' principle.

Product Benefits

  • Large number of multi-functional uses (from Passive Houses to refurbishment projects)
  • Approx. 80% time savings during assembly because one product is used for inner, intermediate and outer sealing
  • Resistant to driving rain, thermally insulated and airtight
  • Emission-free, suitable for indoor use (emission test in accordance with the AgBB/DIBt method)
  • Modern management of dampness and vapour control

Colour Anthracite
Interior: anthracite/grey with charcoal-grey powder

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