Understanding the problem/solution

Example Of Compriband TP600 In Use

We offer both supply and fit and/or supply only of the Compriband TP600 Impregnated Joint Sealant Tape.

The integrity of the facade is essential towards the effectiveness of the entire building. Although a considerable amount of consideration is often given to the primary materials of the facade, usually much less time is focused on the important areas of the motion joints and also the interfaces linking similar and dissimilar materials. Joints are unavoidable in buildings, be it as designed in movement joints as well as connections between numerous building materials.

Protection from weather, ability to move and the capability to breathe are necessary for the long term endurance of your development and could be weakened by means of incorrect sealing materials or systems. Professional joint sealing aided by the right materials and professional personal is vital.  

Irish Energy Assessors is now installing the Tremco illbruck Compriband TP600 product for sealing the broad range of joints in almost any facade. We find the illbruck Compriband TP600 works well to stop the negative impact of wind driven rain, uncontrolled air and heat leakage, as well as the build-up of moisture or condensation even while completely supporting the designed movement of the structure. We offer both supply and fit and/or supply only of the Compriband TP600 Impregnated Joint Sealant Tape.

Example of Tremco illbruck Compriband TP600 Impregnated Joint Sealant Tape been used at Dublin Airport

Compriband TP600 ProductIllbruck Compriband TP600 is an open-cell, flexible polyurethane foam sealant, impregnated with a flame retardant acrylic resin, providing a high performance weather seal. It is pre-compressed and ready for use with a self-adhesive backing to aid location. After positioning, the material expands to create a permanent elastic seal. It remains flexible throughout its life and responds to the expansion/contraction cycles caused by thermal and structural movement.


Typical Uses

Illbruck Compriband TP600 is ideal for external or internal use on the linear sealing of movement joints in a wide range of applications including:
• Brickwork and blockwork Pre-cast concrete panels
• Curtain wall applications
• Door and window perimeter seal
• Linear joints between roofing and cladding panels
• Timber framed structures

Product Benefits
• In excess of 600 Pa driven rain tightness
• Provides weatherproof but breathable joints
• Thermal/sound/vibration insulator
• Tape can be used in joints with variable widths - allowing for building tolerances or movement
• Compatible with most sealants/building materials
• Resistant to attack by fungus, insects or vermin
• Extensively tested to DIN and MPA Bau Hannover standards
• In-service life expectancy up to 25 years
• 10 year warranty (Under the conditions specified by the manufacturers, available on request)