Draughts in a house is a common occurrence home owners face in old and new buildings, whilst changes to the building regulations now make in mandatory for all new homes built in Ireland to undergo an air tightness test.

It's easy to know if your have a draughty house, some signs would be a draw on a door as you go to close it, curtains moving on a windy day. Some rooms feeling chilly even when the heating is on. Not only are draughty homes uncomfortable to live in, they cost the tenants and home owners money as they can let out 30% of the heat of the house, which in turn can add a good few euro to an energy bill each month.

Draught Detection & Proofing Service

Heat loss and draughts are by their nature invisible

This video shows an example of how the service works

The draughts are caused by cracks and caps in the building fabric. Some might be obvious but heat loss and draughts are by their nature invisible in areas such as creep spaces and attic spaces. We offer a professional draught detection service, which highlights draughts and outlines solutions on how address them.