Buy A DIFF Airflow Meter

The reason we partnered with Observator Instruments.
Since 1924 Observator has evolved to be a trend-setting developer and supplier in a wide variety of industries. From instruments for meteorological and hydrological solutions to indoor air and climate technology.
Solutions beyond expectations. That’s what sets Observator apart. We believe in taking the extra step. Retaining our competitive edge, through innovation and uncompromised support, are key to success. As an ISO-9001-2015 certified company, we apply the highest quality standards to our products and systems.

Operation comforts and ergonomicsdiff air flow meter usage
The Diff is a unique instrument developed by this company to measure the air flow rates. The DIFF is self-adjusting for inlet and exhausts grilles, it can automatically detect the flow direction so the DIFF does not need to be turned around when changing the grill. For your convenience you are able to set the arms and the display unit in any position. This will make it easy to operate and to read the display therefore eliminating the use of a ladder in most cases.
Measuring on a vent will cause a difference in pressure caused by the measuring instrument itself. This difference in pressure will cause a deviation in the air distribution that causes a faulty reading or measurement. The DIFF solves this problem by measuring the pressure difference and compensates this with a buildup in the fan. The rotation speed of the fan makes the pressure difference zero, this will solve the faulty measurements. In this situation the volume flow through the grill is exactly the same as it was before the DIFF was in place. The DIFF gives the right measurement of air flow and temperature after the beep.
The DIFF is the Unconditional Method (Method A) of balancing the ventilation system in both domestic and commercial buildings.

Cost of the Observator –Diff: €2950 (ex vat), this also includes the software for the reports
We can arrange the BSRIA calibration and delivery for an added cost .


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