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Siga Majrex

Passive House Institute Certificate SIGA Majrex enFirst product to be certified as a Passive House Component in Germany.

This vapor control layer has changed the way moisture movement is dealt within the building structure

SIGA Majrex ® ensures better safety for timber constructions even when moisture levels are high, for example after screed has been laid or when walls are freshly plastered, and also when the structure is subjected to extreme moisture during use.Thanks to Hygrobrid ® technology, moisture development within the structure is minimised and moisture transport out of the structure is maximised.


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Siga Majrex Passive House Certificate

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Part L Compliance - Building Energy Rating


Irish Energy Assessors are regarded as one of the most experienced companies in providing Part L Compliance checks and 

Building Energy Rating (BER) on domestic buildings in Ireland.  We 

are registered with Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

It is now a requirement when submitting a request for planning permission that you show the building will fulfil the minimum energy criteria as set out within the Part L Technical Guidance Document.



We provide a service where one of our assessors will carry out a full Part L compliance check to ensure your plans comply with Part L. You will receive a report detailing compliance with Part L Building Regulations which you then submit to the relevant planning department, along with your planning application.

All data will be sent to an assessor which will review the plans and take into account the energy required for space heating, ventilation, water heating and lighting, less savings from energy generation technologies, such as the SIGA air tight system. The assessor will use the DEAP system to do this. The Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP), is the  official  process of calculating and assessing the energy performance of dwellings in Ireland. The assessor will then contact you by phone to discuss possible and necessary changes. We then produce a Building Regulations Output Document that the council or the bank will ask for before panning is granted or approved.

Draft Detection

Draught Heat Loss DetectionThe test will pinpoint areas of heat loss (i.e. doors, windows, etc) from your home. Heat loss through the buildings fabric means higher fuel costs and a draught home.

Need A BER Certificate?

ber2IEA provides cost effective, quality assured Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificates.   Martin Cooney has over 20 years experience dealing in the energy efficiency arena both in Ireland and with the Passive Standard in Germany.

Air Tightness Testing

Retrotec Q4E 2Irish Energy Assessors specialise in air tightness testing, which is now a requirement for all new houses under the current Irish building regulations.  Once leaks are identified, we use a number of different methods to improve the air tightness of the house.

Why Choose Irish Energy Assessors?

Here's Why. . .Why Choose IEA For Your Energy Services