Want to buy SIGA air tightness products for self-install?

SIGA air tightness online shop

Irish Energy Assessors supply SIGA product to both consumers and the trade.

We understand that building a new house can be and expensive undertaking, and that some self-builders wish to go it alone when it comes to parts of the build that they feel they can accomplish themselves. The only thing when it comes to installing the SIGA Air Tightness Membrane And Tapes is it can only be done once, and it must be installed properly.


Saying that, that doesn't mean you have to avail of the Air Tightness Membrane And Tapes Supply & Fit service, Irish Energy Assessors also provide a SIGA Air Tightness Training Course. The course will go through everything you need to know about installing the SIGA product and you will be certified, what even better is that if you are a self-builder we can carry out the training on your building. 

You can buy SIGA product in our online SIGA store, simply use it like any other web shop and we will deliver your product right to your door.