SIGA Majpell 5 (3M)


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Majpell 5 creates a vapour control layer for roof renovations from the outside, above-rafter and between-rafter insulation for roof, wall and ceiling structures .

The all-purpose, easy to apply vapour control layer Majpell covers not less than three different applications: between and above-rafter insulation and roof renovation from the outside. In combination with the approved SIGA high-performance adhesives Majpell provides for permanently airtight building envelopes for roof, wall and ceiling structures in the interior.

With a fixed sd value of 5m Majpell is on the one hand particularly diffusible. On the other hand it provides utmost safety, because it protects the building against excessive moisture penetration in the construction phase, for example by fresh cast plaster floor or walls just plastered. Thus Majpell can substitute variable vapour control layers which otherwise are mainly used for roof renovation. Combining Majpell with the breathable membrane Majcoat (sd value = 0.1 m) ensures perfect moisture transportation with a diffusion gradient of 50:1.